Comprehensive Plan

The City of Roanoke is working on a new Comprehensive Plan that will guide policy decisions and long-term investments in our community until 2040. Here’s a project overview:
  • Phase 1: Mobilize – Reviewed existing plans and current Vision 2020 Plan (Jan.-Mar. 2018)

  • Phase 2: Learn – Analyzed demographic, economy, housing, and infrastructure data (Feb.-June 2018)

  • Phase 3: Listen – Open house community meetings and online surveying (July-Sept. 2018)

  • Phase 4: Interpret & Plan – Working groups draft priorities and policies from input (Oct. 2018-Feb. 2019)

  • Phase 5: Test & Refine – Policies, actions, and an implementation plan are established (Mar.-June 2019)

  • Phase 6: Finalize & Adopt – Planning Commission and City Council review (July-Dec. 2019)

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Welcoming Roanoke

What is Welcoming Roanoke? Roanoke is among 13 communities selected by New American Economy (NAE) and Welcoming America to receive awards through the Gateways for Growth Challenge. As part of this award, Roanoke [...]

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