Downtown Plan

The Downtown Roanoke 2017 plan establishes a vision for the future of downtown. While Downtown Roanoke has experienced rapid growth over the last several decades, this plan addresses a number of challenges that the community identified.

Downtown Roanoke Plan - Salem Ave

Potential design and infrastructure changes that the Downtown Plan proposes to Salem Ave.

The plan discusses the following policies:

  • Encourage historic renovation and support the use of historic tax credits.
  • Protect historically significant buildings in the downtown.
  • Preserve signs and murals that add to the fabric of Downtown.
  • Market the close proximity to the mountains, Roanoke River, Blue Ridge
    Parkway, and Appalachian Trail.
  • Celebrate the unique culture and growing diversity of Roanoke.
  • Support Downtown Roanoke’s position as the regional center for the
    Virginia’s Blue Ridge area.
  • Work to fill vacant storefronts.
  • Repair voids in the streetscape and improve the pedestrian realm, while
    supporting infill development.
  • Improve the area around Campbell Court.
  • Activate the City Market Building.
  • Enhance the pedestrian experience within the Market area.
  • Support the City Farmer’s Market.
  • Support appropriate floodplain management.
  • Reduce flooding by encouraging stormwater and green infrastructure
    projects in downtown.
  • Build on new growth to the west of downtown by encouraging
    redevelopment of vacant buildings.
  • Capitalize on the expansion of the South Jefferson Redevelopment Area.
  • Encourage development to the north of downtown to be connected with the
    surrounding neighborhoods.
  • Improve the empty lot next to the Wells Fargo Tower into an active plaza.
  • Create new park spaces.
  • Improve connections to South Jefferson with improvements to streetscape.
  • And more…

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