2018 Hazard Vulnerability Assessment

Each year, the City of Roanoke’s Office of Emergency Management performs a Hazard Vulnerability Assessment to determine what concerns citizens and businesses may have. This survey also measures the community’s sense of preparedness related to hazards.

The 2018 FEMA Hazard Vulnerability Assessment survey for Roanoke, Virginia has closed. If you have any questions about emergency preparedness, please contact Roanoke’s Emergency Management and Community Preparedness Battalion Chief, Marci Stone, at marci.stone@roanokeva.gov.

Interested in learning more about Emergency Preparedness?

Do you have an Emergency Kit ready at home? Do you know how you would respond to hazards such as flooding, extreme heat, tornadoes, wildfires, explosions or an active shooter scenario? Here is a great resource developed by the Department of Homeland Security:

If you require special attention in the event of a disaster in Roanoke, please let us know by filling out this Emergency Needs Registry form:

What were Roanoke citizens’ top concerns in the 2018 assessment?

  • Small Hazardous Materials Incidents with less than 5 victims
  • Flooding
  • Power Failure
  • Severe Thunderstorm
  • Epidemic/Infectious Disease
  • Mass Casualty Trauma related
  • Mass Acts of Violence
  • Tornado
  • Riot/Civil Disturbance
  • Chemical Exposure-External
  • Hostage Situation
  • Bomb Threat
  • Internet Failure
  • Hurricane Effects
  • Ice Storm
  • Wind Event

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