Belmont-Fallon Target Area

What is the Belmont-Fallon Target Area?

For nearly 20 years, Roanoke has concentrated its community development funding into a single neighborhood to increase its impact. In 2019, the City selected the Belmont and Fallon neighborhoods as a focus for the next five years. Known as “Belmont-Fallon,” this area is located between I-581 and Fallon Park, and runs from Tazewell Avenue south to Highland Avenue.

Targeted investment creates lasting neighborhood improvements that will continue long after we move on to the next neighborhood. The city typically invests about $1.7M annually in the target neighborhood through a variety of community development programs. Most projects involve new housing construction and existing housing improvements. Additional projects may involve street improvements or economic development.

Get Involved

We work with residents to identify community needs and report progress at community meetings that are open to all:

2nd Monday of every month at 6 PM

Belmont Christian Church located at 1101 Jamison Avenue SE

If you’d like more information, please contact:

Keith Holland, Community Resources Administrator

What results do we expect?

Over the next year, we will work with the community on a plan with specific goals. In general, we’ll expect to see the following activities:

  • Construction of new houses on vacant lots
  • Rehabilitation of existing houses both vacant and occupied
  • Assistance to homeowners for minor repairs
  • Street and sidewalk improvements
  • Community cleanups
  • Enhanced code enforcement

While you’re here…

We are currently seeking community feedback for the following projects. Please take a minute and share your ideas!

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