Neighborhood Plans

Current Neighborhood Plans

While the City’s Comprehensive Plan helps shape the big picture of what Roanoke will look like in 20 years, Neighborhood Plans are where urban planners and community members work together to focus on the fine details. The City currently has 27 neighborhood and area plans that cover a wide range of topics, ranging from economic development and infrastructure to community design and residential development. Once Roanoke completes its 2020 – 2040 plan in 2019, City planners will dive right into updating the City’s Neighborhood Plans.

Belmont Fallon Neighborhood Plan

Franklin Road/Colonial Avenue Neighborhood Plan

Greater Deyerle Neighborhood

Hurt Park/Mountain View/West End Neighborhood Plan


Peters Creek South Neighborhood Plan

Wasena Neighborhood Plan

Countryside Master Plan

Gainsboro Neighborhood Plan

Greater Raleigh Court Neighborhood Plan

Loudon-Melrose/Shenandoah West Neighborhood Plan

Norwich Neighborhood Plan

South Jefferson Redevelopment Area Plan

Williamson Road Area Plan

Evans Spring Area Plan

Garden City Neighborhood Plan

Harrison and Washington Park Neighborhood Plan

Melrose-Rugby Neighborhood Plan

Old Southwest Neighborhood Plan

South Roanoke Neighborhood Plan

Fairland, Villa Heights Neighborhood Plan

Grandin Court Neighborhood Plan

Hollins/Wildwood Neighborhood Plan

Mill Mountain Park Management Plan

Peters Creek North Neighborhood Plan

Southern Hills Neighborhood Plan

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