Lick Run Site Revitalization

Lick Run Site Revitalization

The City of Roanoke was awarded a Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) grant to acquire and remove the former CeeBreeze Nursing Home and create permanent open space. The City is looking for input from the surrounding neighborhoods on what the future of this area should look like.

About the property:

The 5.4-acre property is located at 1418 10th St NW along the Lick Run Greenway. Given its close proximity to Lick Run, the entire property is located within the floodway.

The acquisition and demolition of the structure will re-establish the natural floodplain functions by adding open space in the Lick Run Watershed. The property will allow for open space to be added to the already existent Lick Run Greenway and it will be managed by the City of Roanoke as part of its open space program.

Because the property is located within the floodway, FEMA prohibits any structures or impervious surfaces (such as parking lots) from being built onsite. However, there are many opportunities for what the open space could look like and what it could be used for.

Due to building condition and neighborhood health concerns, the building will be removed as soon as possible in May 2022.

This timeline will not affect the public comment process.

How would you like the open space to be used?

An Open House Community Meeting was held on Wednesday, April 27th from 5-7pm near the CeeBreeze Property along the Lick Run Greenway in order to gain community input.

Those unable to attend in person had the ability to complete an online survey.

The survey closed Friday, July 29th @ 5pm.

Questions or Concerns?

Please contact the Stormwater Division


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