Stormwater Communication Assessment

Roanoke Stormwater’s goal is to transform our waterways into community assets, focal points, and a source of pride for those that live, work, learn, and play in the Upper Roanoke River Watershed. In order to accomplish this goal, Stormwater has developed a few communication strategies to get important messages about water quality and pollution out to the public. In Summer, 2018, a Communication Evaluation survey circulated and 156 community members submitted feedback.

Roanoke Stormwater’s approach to community engagement includes a wide variety of communication tactics – from regular newsletters and an active social media presence, to public art collaborations with local artists, signage and advertisements, and organizing community clean-up events, Stormwater’s Environmental Outreach team is committed to promoting the importance of keeping our rain and melted snow water as clean as possible.

What did we do in 2017-2018?

This past year, Roanoke Stormwater has worked with local artists to get the message of runoff pollution out across the City by using beautiful artwork. We also worked with local non-profits and other City departments to install over 100 Mutt Mitt stations across City parks and greenways. Roanoke City Stormwater recently competed it’s third annual Tinker Creek Clean-up partnering with Deschutes Brewery, many other local partners, as well as over 70 volunteers. Together, 4.66 tons of trash (including 60 tires) was removed from Tinker Creek. Over the past three years, these clean-ups have removed approximately 26 tons of trash and tires out of Tinker Creek. Come join us next year!

How you can help:

Want to learn more about local water quality and how you can help? Check out our website, which is full of information on how you can help create a Clean Water Legacy:

Or if you really want to dive in, learn how you can become a citizen science monitor and study our local stream biology! This project partners with local non-profits and contributes real scientific data about the health of our streams. You do not have to be a scientist to be a stream monitor, just be willing to learn and have fun!

Curious about what else we are working on? Stay in stream with Roanoke Stormwater, follow us on Facebook, Twitter and/or Instagram to learn more about local water quality and see how you can get involved!”

Have a question?

Please contact:

Mckenzie Brocker, Environmental Outreach Tech

While you’re here…

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